Schedule a daily restart of a Fortigate router

I ran into an issue recently whereby a bug in the firmware for a Fortigate 50B caused the router to enter conserve mode after an uptime of more than 6-7 days. We’ve since updated to MR3 patch 5 and have found the memory leak has been resolved. Below is the command that can be used to schedule a daily restart of a Fortigate router:

config system global
 set daily-restart enable
 set restart time 02:30

You will also need to make sure that the system time is set correctly, it is best to use NTP and make sure your timezone is correct, we use the below setting for New Zealand:

config system global
 set timezone 71

config system ntp
 config ntpserver
  edit 1
   set server ""
 set ntpsync enable
 set syncinterval 60
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